Mumbai Monsoon

After a long break, I am back :)

I happen to make a short trip to Mumbai and the rain showed up too. Feel free to check the images and comment on how do you like them and the new website design.

The Family Photographer

"Shoot the Kids, Hang the family and frame the wife" - The family photographer

I love that quote,  don't remember where I saw it but its on my mind ever since I read it and keeps popping up when I do family portraits. 

Here is another great, fun-filled, spontaneous shoot with an amazing family I have known for years. It was a one light setup with single reflector (for those who wish to have the lighting diagrams, mail me and I will send it to you). Check out the family that was hanged, shot and framed :)

2504 Kms Road trip

"2504 Kms, 6 days, 3 States and with 3 Kids" - Don't know what to make of it but it was amazing :)

Desert Rain

Finally, it rained.

Not that this place looks like desert anymore but its been a while since we felt the drop of rain. On Friday morning, I woke up to the pouring sound and continued sleeping till I heard the thunder go off couple of times. Uncertain of how long the rain may last, I grabbed the camera & umbrella for a photo walk in rain. It was a quite a site to see umbrellas, water clogged roads & drains, paper boats, children splashing water and some stunning street life influenced by the weather. Check out some photos here

Nepal Monsoon

Once upon a time, I went for a vacation ...that would be a good start right??

One year seems too long, when you desperately want a holiday and that was the case with me. Work pressure, peer pressure, family pressure and at times pressure because there is no pressure. I almost hated the word "pressure" when my brother took the pain and pressure to arrange this family trip. Thank you brother !!